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In a perfect school setting, a principal and staff would concentrate on helping students master skills important for their future. However, other events may occur that will infringe upon the school day.

Natural disasters, student and faculty deaths, and other types of disruptions are a fact of life. How these events are managed becomes the responsibility of the school administrator and staff. This handbook outlines procedures to help a school prepare for such emergencies.

How sensitive a staff is about situations which might create a school disruption, and the ability to deal with the disruption, is a key to good building management. Too many times we are lulled into the belief that it couldn't happen here.

The procedures presented in this handbook have been developed by a cross section of school district employees. It is not meant to be "all inclusive." Based on this handbook, each school staff is expected to develop procedures to cope with emergencies that may arise.

Correctly used, this handbook will help the school principal and staff plan for and defuse potentially dangerous disruptions of the school routine. Good planning will make the school a safer, more secure place for both youngsters and staff.

Form for KCKPS employees

Site-Based Crisis Plan (Microsoft Word Document)

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