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Gang Activities
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Definition: A group of people together for questionable activities, so identified by appearance and/or behaviors.


  • Hard core
  • Support people/peripheral group - business people who offer and provide gang-related services
  • "Wannabes" - emulate gang activity/identify

Possible observable indicators

  • Hats, jackets, scarves (more often on "Wannabes" than hard core gang members).
  • Colors
  • Shoelaces
  • Pendants
  • Graffiti on books, notebooks, personal possessions (pitchfork, Star of David, six dots, six points)

Prevention Strategies

  1. Control entrances to the school. There may be a posted statement to the effect that all who enter are subject to search. Security personnel should monitor outside areas such as grounds and parking lots to keep non-students from entering the campus. All staff should be alert to the presence of strangers in or around the building, and such presence should be communicated to the office or other designated personnel. Adults and authority figures should be highly visible.
  2. Give students respect and exhibit genuine concern. Many join gangs to gain respect from peers and to receive a feeling of belonging. The gang replaces family structure that is missing for many students.
  3. Emphasize the self-esteem aspect of the established drug/alcohol/sex education programs.
  4. Support and/or initiate after-school and weekend extra-curricular activities. Such activities should be competitive and require practice.
  5. Investigate community gang intervention programs that could benefit the school. Utilize experts in the law enforcement agencies to learn about gangs in the area. Effective methods of coping with gangs only result from awareness and understanding of the problem.
  6. Provide outside speakers who can be role models for the students. Former gang members can be an excellent resource for prevention activities.
  7. Encourage parent involvement in the school through organizations such as PTA or Booster Clubs, or through parent meetings and parent volunteer programs.
  8. Keep lines of communication open to students. If information is given concerning gang activities, it is important to protect sources of information and/or witnesses because most gang codes require retribution.
  9. Sponsor parent meetings with speakers regarding gang activities and community action in regard to gangs.

Response Procedures/Investigative Techniques

  1. Convene the school crisis team to evaluate the situation and implement the appropriate plan of action.
  2. Remove graffiti immediately.
  3. Confiscate questionable clothing or objects that may identify groups or may intimidate others.
  4. Contact parents if signs of gang activity such as clothing or graffiti is evidenced by a student.
  5. Share information on gang activity with other administrators and authorities.
  6. Initiate community gang intervention programs with the assistance of law enforcement agencies, such as the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department neighborhood crime department.
  7. Report substantiated activities to proper authorities - school security and/or local law enforcement agencies.
  8. Follow an established plan for reporting incidents to the proper authorities, parents and the general public. Prepare an official statement responding to the particular crisis situation. Designate an official spokesperson for the school and refer to the district's public relations office for further information.
  9. Unfamiliar or suspicious individuals or activities, including students obviously under the influence, drug sales, or satanic symbols or accessories should also be reported to school security personnel and/or police.
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