A high school diploma is not enough, in today’s economy, for students to access high-pay, high-demand jobs that transform their lives and their community. In order to prepare our students for success in a global society, the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is implementing a district-wide initiative called Diploma+.

Diploma+ means that each student will exit high school prepared for college and careers in a global society, and at every level, each student’s performance is on-track and on-time for success.

The goal of Diploma+ is for each student to graduate with a high school diploma, plus one of the following seven endorsements:

At Least 21 on the ACT or 1060 on the SAT

What is ACT/SAT?

The ACT is a nationally administered, standardized test that helps colleges evaluate perspective students. It focuses around five core subjects: english, mathematics, reading, science and writing.

The SAT is also a nationally administered, standardized test which helps colleges evaluate perspective students. It focuses on mathematics, evidence-based reading, writing and an optional essay.

Who pays for the testing fee?

Students can visit their counselor’s office to apply for a fee waiver.

Does the district offer test preparation support?

Each school offers different test preparation supports. Please contact your counselor for more information.

Can students take the ACT/SAT more than once?

Yes, students can take either test more than once. See your counselor for more details.

Why those score targets?

The required scores are qualified admissions standards set by the Kansas Board of Regents.

A 1060 on the SAT is equivalent to 21 on the ACT.

Completion of at least one full year of college (18-30 Credit Hours)

When do students start to acquire college credits?

Students begin acquiring college credits in grades 10 and 11. These credits are dual credits, meaning students will receive both high school and college credit for these classes.

Where do students take college classes?

Students take college classes in their high school.

Who teaches the college classes?

College classes are taught by KCKPS teachers and by professors from both Donnelly College and Kansas City, Kansas Community College.

Are there prerequisites?

Students need to be on-track and on-time in their studies. In addition, they must complete placement tests.

Do the college credits transfer?

Yes, college credits transfer to all schools which are part of the Kansas Board of Regents. Click here to learn which schools are part of the Kansas Board of Regents.

Who pays for these college credits?

Eligible students are provided with scholarships for college credits.

Completion of an Industry Recognized Certificate or Credential

What certificates and credentials are available to student?

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Translation
  • More coming soon

Who teaches certificate and credential classes?

  • Certificate and Credential courses are taught by KCKPS Teachers, Career and Technical Education Instructors and Instructors from the Kansas City, Kansas Community College.

Who certifies students?

  • Industry recognized organizations
  • State of Kansas

How do parents and students find out about these programs or opportunities?

Parents and students can contact their school counselor for more information.

Completion of a Qualified Internship or Industry Approved Project

How are these internships and projects facilitated?

The District works with business and industry partners through advisory boards to craft and facilitate all qualified internships and industry-approved projects.

Acceptance into the Military

How does a student get accepted into the military?

Students can apply to any of the branches of the United States military.

Students must complete the ASVAB. The ASVAB is a multiple aptitude test which measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational successes in the military.

How can students learn about their military options?

All students have access to recruiters at career fairs and students at Washington High are able to join the ROTC program.

Completion of the IB Diploma Programme or Career-Related Programme

What does this mean?

Students can complete the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or an International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme. In order to graduate with one of these program options, students must pass the end-of-course exam.

Who can complete this option?

This path is available for students at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science.

An Approved Plan for Post-Secondary Transition

What does this mean?

Students will articulate their plan to succeed in the workplace or in postsecondary education by providing evidence to a school committee. This endorsement accommodates the needs of students who may not have sufficient time to complete other endorsements.

Who approves the student’s post-secondary transition plans?

Post-secondary transition plans are approved by committee at the building level.

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