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First Free Public School in Kansas

First Free Public School in Kansas

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One-Room School Houses in Wyandotte County

Attucks / Chelsea / Cobb / Edison / Eugene Ware/Waterworks / First Free Public School / Fifth Street School / Frances Willard / Grant / Garrison (Greystone Area African American) / Horanif / Kerr / Lewis / Malvern Hill / Phillips / Pomeroy / Quindaro / Stewart / Stony Point South / Whitmore

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Open School/Support Buildings

Argentine / Argentine Branch Carnegie Library / Arrowhead / Area Technical School / Banneker / Bethel / Bridges / Caruthers / Central Elementary / Central Middle / Claude Huyck / Career Learning Center / Chelsea / Coronado / Douglass / Education Center / Eisenhower / Emerson / Eugene Ware / Fairfax / Frances Willard / Frank Rushton / Grant / Harmon / Hazel Grove / J F Kennedy / John Fiske / KCKs Public Library / Lindbergh / Mark Twain / McKinley / M E Pearson / M R Hollman Academy / Morse Early Childhood Development / New Stanley / Noble Prentis / Northwest / Nutritional Services / Quindaro / Rosedale / Schlagle / Shop Office / Silver City / Stony Point NO / Stony Point SO / Storeroom / Sumner / T A Edison / Transportation / Washington / W A White / Welborn / West / West Branch Library / White Church / Whittier / Wyandotte / Wyandotte Comprehensive Special Education

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Closed School/Support Buildings

Abbott / Alcott / Armourdale / Armstrong / Attucks / Bancroft / Barnett /Booker T. Washington/ Bruce (Argentine) / Bruce (Kansas City) / Bryant / Carlisle / Old Central Public School / Central School / Chance / Children's Home / Clara Barton / Cobb / Columbian / Cooper / Dunbar / Edison / Ely / Eugene Field / Eugene Ware (Waterworks) / Everett / Fairfax / Fifth Street School / Franklin / Garrison / Gibbs / Grant / Greystone / Hawthorne / Horace Mann / Horanif / Irving / J J Ingalls / Kansas City High School / Kansas City, KS Junior college / Kansas City University / Kealing / Kerr / Lewis / Lincoln (6th & State) / Lincoln (Argentine) / London Heights / Long / Longfellow / Lowell (Argentine) / Lowell (KCKs) / Maccochaque / Major Hudson / Malvern Hill / Maple Leaf / / McAlpine / Melville / Northeast / Oakland / Park / Parker / Payne / Phillips / Pomeroy / Prescott / Reynolds / Riverview / Rock / Roosevelt / Sauer / Schlagle Night School / Six-Mile Schoolhouse / Snow / Stanley / Stewart / Stowe / Third Ward / Vance / Vernon / Walker / Waterworks / Western University / West Elementary / Whitmore / Wilson High School / Wood/ Wyandotte Forest School
Unknown/Unnamed Buildings


1939 Building Floor Plans (hand drawn)
1916 and 1921 Architectural Blue Prints of School Buildings (pdf)

Architecture in Kansas City, Kansas
Copyright 1988 by the KCKs Board of Education

List of Past/Present Board Members and Superintendents (pdf)

List of Past/Present School Principals/Directors (pdf)

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African-American History and Culture in Kansas City, KS

KCKs School History - with an index to individual schools

A History of Black Education in Kansas City, Kansas, Readin', 'Riting, 'Rithmetic
by William W. Boone, March 1986
(Copy located in the KCKs Public Library, 625 Minnesota Ave, KCKs, 913-551-3280)

African American Web Sites


Argentine / Clara Barton / Major Hudson / Melville

Mexican American Web Sites

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Floods and the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

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History of School District Unification

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WPA builds Schools/Rooms/Departments

Argentine / Attucks / Parker / Prescott / Rosedale / Sumner / Vernon / Wyandotte

Chronological History of the WPA and KCKs Schools

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Wyandotte County Alumni Pages

Class Listings - Alumni Pages for Schools in Wyandotte County, Kansas, listing past graduates

We are sincerely appreciate of the work these volunteers are doing!

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KCKs Public Schools
by Nellie McGuinn

The Kansas City, Kansas Public School System - 1819-1961
by Nellie McGuinn, Kansas City educator - Feb, 1966 - includes information on the settlement and growth of Kansas City and Wyandotte County, Kansas

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Street Maps of Building Locations

A good example of how the street names changed is the 1889 street map that shows John J. Ingalls School. 8th Street had become 5th street after the 1886 consolidation. 6th Street was formerly 9th Street, etc.

7th Street was formerly Colorado Avenue
42nd Street at Kansas Avenue and Speaker Road was formerly Carlisle Road
55th Street in Turner was formerly Key Road
Elmwood in Argentine - no longer exists - one block south of Ruby Ave.
Freeman Avenue was Wawas Street
Gibbs Road in Turner was Hester Road
Haskell and Waverly switched names after 1950
Orville was formerly Summundowat Street
State Avenue was Kansas in 1885
Valley Street in Argentine was Ash Street
Wyandotte Avenue was a street between 7th and 8th Streets

Mergers caused street names to be changed: • 1886 - Cities of Wyandot, Armstrong, Armourdale, and Kansas City became Kansas City, Kansas

"Mergers had many inherent complications and immediate needs for corrective governmental action. This merger forced solutions to problems including the merger of geographic areas with established street systems. They had historically developed independently with different street names and in some cases duplicate names. Numbered streets did not match at the borders of the old cities. As a particular example, the streets going from Wyandott(e) to Armourdale did not even come close to matching up. For instance, if you traveled down 7th Street, when reaching Armourdale, you were on 12th Street, Going down 9th Street, now 10th Street in Wyandotte, you were on 20th Street in Armourdale. For the next three years the sections of the city were referred to as the "East Side," the "North Side," and the "South Side," to keep addresses and such straight."  The Streets and Avenues of Kansas City, Kansas by Donald K. Jones, The Historical Journal of Wyandotte County, Vol 1, No 1, Fall 2000

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