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Attucks School

One-Room Schoolhouse

Attucks School

Location: 2316 South 5th Street (Bluff and Central - Town of Rosedale) (College Ave. and Central; Lots 27 & 28, Block 2, Rolling Mill Resurvey)  

1893 Rascher Insurance Map:  Attucks (colored school) shown on street that pass n.e. from Bluff to Central Street (closer to Central Street - although Central marked "not open")

Building Closed: 1972

Building Named for:  Crispus Attucks

"The second oldest of the Rosedale Public Schools. Originally a frame building on property at Bluff Street and Central. After annexation, in the re-naming of Rosedale Streets this address became: 2316 S. 5th Street, Kansas City, Kansas. The tan brick building was built in 1939. Attucks School was discontinued in August 1972. The pupils were transferred to other schools. . "The Winding Valley and The Craggy Hillside", A History of the City of Rosedale, Kansas by Margaret Landis, Kansas City, Kansas, 1976

Attucks - Dec, 2002 - looking from Southwest Blvd.

Profiles of African American Personalities in Wyandotte County, Kansas


1880 - Built in 1880. One-room frame building at Bluff (Seminary) and Central Streets (5th Street). Had one teacher for eight grades. Alex Morris, first Teacher, African American school in Rosedale.

1901 - School used by church for Sunday services.

1902 - Church people were asked to vacate. Books and desks had been damaged.

1903 - School burned on April 17 and was dismissed for one year, as it was found impossible to repair.  African American patrons asked for four-room brick. Settled for $400.   Rosedale BOE needed bonds to build a new school.  Rented the African American church in September. The new school will be called Attucks.

1904 - Probably occupied new building.

1914 - First PTA, Mrs. Mary Maddox, President.

1919 - One year high school work given for African American. In November, one month of night school.

1922 - Became part of Kansas City school system when Rosedale joined Kansas City.

1939 - New eight-room modern building erected at Bluff and Central under WPA grant. One of two erected just before World II.

1965/66 - Urban renewal had expanded its efforts into the Rosedale area south of Southwest Boulevard and along both sides of Rainbow Boulevard. Columbian School, constructed in the 1890's and located just west of Rainbow on Seminary, was sold to Urban Renewal and closed in 1965. Its enrollment had declined as a result of the urban renewal activity but its closing was a major departure from custom with respect to desegregation/integration moves. Enrollment at Columbian was essentially white and when the school was closed, a major portion of the students was transferred to Attucks, a school that had been 100% black in both students and faculty.  Schools in KCKs in Years of Change 1962-1986, Dr. Oren L. Plucker, 1987

1972 - School closed. Pupils reassigned to Whitmore and Frank Rushton.

1974 - Building sold for industrial and warehouse use. Mar 19, 1974 "That the Board accept the office of Mr. John H. Masters in the amount of $25,000 for the Attucks School Property at 2316 South 5th Street." Carried by Bernie Electric Wholesale, Inc.


1880 - Alex Morris / 1894 - Horace Diveggins / 1895 - H. M. G. Spencer? / 1897-98 - Artemis Irving (resigned Aug, 1899) / 1899-1905 - D. W. Holmes (resigned Jan 1, 1906) / 1906-14 - Mrs. Maggie Clay (Jan 1, 1906) / 1914-1920 - Reuben B. Brown / 1920 - A. H. Harris / 1921-38 - A. H. Harris / 1939-40 - E. I. Bassett / 1940-43 - Daisy Whitfield / 1943-47 - Marguerite Hall / 1947-52 - Sirpora Miller / 1952-53 - Paul L. Mobiley / 1953-57 - Clarence Glasse / 1960-66 - Lenis Boswell / 1966-72 - Charles Ireland

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"In was in 1880 when Attucks, a one-room school, was constructed and occupied. Grades one through eight were housed in the same room.  The first principal of Attucks Elementary School was Mr. Alexander Morris.  By 1915, the Parent Teacher Association had begun.  Mrs. Barbour, Mrs. Crenshaw, Mrs. L. Gray, Mrs. M. Davis, Mrs. L. Parker and Mrs. T. Reed were charter members of Attucks P.T.A.  The old building which was constructed in 1880 was replaced with a modern eight room building in 1939.   Black students were educated in the new building until the 1960's.  Through the years of service to the community, several well known Blacks attended this small school.

Despite the fact that the enrollment in Attucks was small, several successful people graduated from the school.  Students who attended this school were highly motivated to succeed mainly because of the dedicated teachers and encouraging parents.  Just to mention a few of these students, in 1895, Mr. Didal Davis, who was an outstanding graduate became an outstanding physician in Independence, Kansas.  A 1909 graduate, Ida Craig, became a most outstanding teacher in Kansas City, Kansas.  Albert Maddox, a 1913 graduate was the first Black physician in Sedalia, Missouri.  Mary Frances Jackson, a 1927 graduate became a well known social worker.  In 1929, a young man by the name of Lilburn Williams graduated and became an outstanding athlete.  Also, in 1929, another graduate, Geneva Hershaw, was one of the first Black assistant dietitians at the Bell Memorial Hospital (now the University of Kansas Medical Center).  Other outstanding Black students from this school will appear in the Profile of Outstanding Black Students in a later chapter of this publication."

A History of Black Education in Kansas City, Kansas, Readin', 'Riting, 'Rithmetic by William W. Boone, March 1986 (Copy located in the KCKs Public Library, 625 Minnesota Ave, KCKs, 913-551-3280).  The school district is sincerely grateful to Mr. William W. Boone, Ms. Josephine C. Vandiver, and Mr. Jackson C. Van Trece for their research and preparation of this material.   (Check the Biographies Index on the site map to view bios on these three people.)

This represents a excerpt from the manuscript/book as it was presented, including terminology used at the time of the writing.  All attempts have been made to reproduce the spelling, capitalization and layout of the original manuscript/book as much as possible.

Disclaimer:  The written historical perspectives online at this web site, and web sites to which links are provided, reflect the view of the author(s)/(creator(s) which are protected under the rights of free speech; and do "not" necessarily reflect the views of the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education.

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