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Bryant School

Picture Gallery


Building Closed: End of 1983-84 school year

Architectural Analysis - Public School Buildings (New/Additions) by Rose and Peterson - 1890-1927

Architectural Blue Prints and/or Plot Plan of School Building


Bryant - old building

1895-1909 - W. W. Rose, Architect - There are three schools from this period of Rose's career that display elements of the Second Renaissance Revival:  Kansas City, Kansas High School (1897-99 et seq.), Bancroft Elementary School (1900), and Quindaro Elementary School (1906). Bryant Elementary School, designed by Rose in 1904, features an Italian Renaissance Revival vocabulary, while John Fiske Elementary (1907/07) and Sumner High School (1905-06/1809-09) exhibit Jacobethan elements in their primary and secondary elevations.

1904 - Four-room brick erected at 17th and Webster. Eight grades taught by four teachers. J. J. Maxwell as first Principal. Named for William Cullen Bryant, writer. Architect was W. W. Rose. Address shown as 1705 Webster Ave.  (Rose and Peterson Architects, 1994)

1908 - Four rooms added on the west.

1910:  Became part of the KCKs school district.

1910 - PTA organized about this time. Mrs. J. B. Rogers, first president.

Bryant Annex: 1909-1925 - Rose/Peterson, Architects - Three bond issues (1910, 1914, 1921) provided funds for the construction of school buildings from this period. Borrowing elements from Jacobethan architecture are five schools designed by Rose and Peterson in the early years of their partnership. Along with the annex building for Prescott Elementary School (1910), this group of structures includes four other elementary schools: Bryant Annex, Chelsea I, Parker I, and Francis Willard, all constructed in 1914-15. These "Cottage Plan" schools, as they were called during the 1914 bond campaign, are consistent in style, floor plan, and design.

1911 - Primary building erected.

1917 - Closed building on North 12th Street. Miss Grace Hynes, teacher, transferred to Bryant.

1920 - Kindergarten building erected.

1930 - Designated as cadet center. Miss Ethel Snannon to direct Teachers' College graduates in practice teaching.

1931 - Dads' Club established, second in Wyandotte County.

1939 - First School Safety Patrol in Wyandotte County. Sponsored by Dads' Club and American Legion. Began duties on November 28.

1955 - Plans for new building formulated.

1956 - New school under construction.

1957 - Moved from old to new building across the street (2930 N. 17th) on February 22. Dedication on March 27 with 14 classrooms, kindergarten, activity room, office, library and nurse's room. G. W. Corporon, principal of Northwest Junior, was the speaker when the school was dedicated. The old building was razed when classes moved out.

1972 - Free standing addition for grade 6.  Replaced two temporary buildings.  Contained 12 open classrooms, library and activities area. 

1984 - School closed at end of 1983-84 school year. Boundaries for Quindaro, Fairfax, and Hawthorne amended to absorb Bryant attendance center.

Dec 14, 1984: Civil Action No. KC-3738. The United States respectfully submits that upon review of Defendants' motion and suggestions in support of the motion, it has no objection to the sale of the Bryant Elementary School property to Depth Rehabilitation Alcohol Group, Inc. and to Bryant Community Services Center, Inc.

Head Start - Bryant Annex - Jan 20051985 - Bryant School and Annex deeded to community use groups (Bryant Community Service Center, Inc. and Depth Rehabilitation Alcohol Group, Inc.) for $5,000 each with reversionary clauses providing repurchase options by the Board should properties not be used for purposes agreed upon. 

1995 - BOE Minutes: April 25, 1995 - Mrs. Breidenthal, seconded by Dr. Robinson, moved: That the Kansas City Board of Education authorize the Superintendent to execute a quitclaim deed in connection with litigation involving Bryant Elementary School, located at 2940 North 17th Street, Kansas City, Kansas, as recommended by legal counsel.

2005:  The building still stands.  The sign on the front says:  Head Start - Bryant Annex.


1888-1904 - J. M. Maxwell / 1905-13 - Minnie Martin / 1913-14 - Nelle Simpson / 1914-43 - Minnie Martin / 1943-68 - Wilma Junker / 1968-76 - Ronald Brown / 1976-81 - Rosemary Harrington / 1981-84 - Wayne Winkler

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