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Ely School

District No. 33 (Ely) is listed in an article of the Wyandott Herald, 11 April 1872 with E. O. Brown as Director and J. L. Pritchard as Treasurer.  No. 33 shows on a 1878 Map of Wyandotte County, KS on file at the Wyandotte County Historical Society (L. Everts & Co. Publishers, Phila., PA)

When all the North part of Rosedale was still in the country there was another early-day school in the Ely District known as the "Ely School."  When L H Rose came to Rosedale in 1885, he taught for two years at the Ely School.

1887 - G. M. Hopkins Surveys & Plats Map of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas:  School shows in northwestern area of Section 27 of the Shawnee Reserve (School No. 33).  Property to the west/northwest is G. J. Keating, C. W. Whitehead & B. McLean.  Property to the southeast is S. S. Ely.  We believe the schools was first name Ely after S. S. Ely

1891 - Fred Larson started his daily business on Ely's Hill.  Five years later moved to Southwest Blvd and built his home at 331 Division Street. "The Winding Valley and The Craggy Hillside," A History of the City of Rosedale, Kansas by Margaret Landis, Kansas City, Kansas, 1976

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50 years ago - about which would be around 1890 - there was a brick school called Ely, located near Mellville School (Melville now being the Major Hudson Annex).  (Anna Erickson, principal of Major Hudson School, 1940)

"The school, later known as Melville, had a long and colorful history. It was said to have first housed pupils who later went to Columbian School. Melville School, District 33, at Seventh and Shawnee Road, is listed in 1911 as part of the system. It was located on land lying between Argentine and Kansas City, a portion of which was attached to the city many years before. Records of 1886-1887 refer to Melville as Ely School, which housed Columbian pupils before that school was built. All school property in annexed districts belonged to the board. Residents had the privilege of voting at elections for school purposes.  "History of the KCKs Public School , 1819-1961," Nellie McGuinn, 1966

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