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Fairfax Elementary SchoolFairfax School

Location: 3101 North 10th Street

Other Names: Bridges, Fairfax Learning Center, Career Learning Center


1929 - Fairfax District No. 46 detached from Board ofEducation, Kansas City, Kansas. Never maintained a school.

1930 - Fairfax paid tuition for several children.

1942 - Government built ten-room, frame building on North 9th Street to serve families of war production workers in Quindaro Homes area.

Board of Education administered school of 160 pupils. Miss BeulahKelly, Principal. Four teachers. School named for Fairfax District.

Fairfax Annex1946 - Building purchased by Board of Education.

1951 - August: District 46 disorganized. Attached to Kansas City, Kansas school system. Never maintained a school. Laws of 1951 required to disorganize. Money transferred to Board of Education on September 24, 1951. Writ of attachment received from George Bell, Wyandotte County Superintendent, on August 20.

1953 - City to receive first revenue, approximately $225,000.

1958 - October: New building planned - 3016 N. 9th Street (now Fairfax Learning Center ). Charles Mullin, architect. Demonstration for Board of Education of model of electrically heated school. To be first in area heated by electricity.

December 23: Contract awarded to Bennett Construction Company

1959 - January: Construction began. Fairfax last project under 1953 bond issue.

1960 - May: Beulah Killey retired. Alice Barnett, Principal.

February: Moved into new building at 3016 N. 9th Street.

May 9: Dedication - 14 classrooms, library, health room, office. Site is 3.5 acres, extending from 9th to 10th with school facing 10th Street. Completely electrified. Lewis Brotherson, Business Manager for Board of Education, talked on "Nice Climate of Learning".

1963 - Note: A large L-shaped spot of land in the north-northeast part of the city was called "Slough" or " Goose Island ". Willard Breidenthal and Arthur Stanley recognized that this land could become very valuable. With the help of the Union Pacific Railroad, these men set about to reclaim this dumping ground. They began by pumping sand from the river, which served two purposes: the river channel was deepened, allowing heavier river traffic; and the sand fill made the land useable. Soon, industries began to build in this area, which is known today as the Fairfax Industrial District. This land was named after Fairfax, Virginia, a wasteland made useful by similar dredging methods.

The Fairfax district was annexed to KCKs in 1963

1972 - Addition of annex to absorb enrollment from Dunbar area and Hawthorne (named Caruthers in 2002). Built as two-story, open classroom unit.

1984 - Career Learning Center housed in section of Fairfax building.

1997-98 - School closed. Chelsea students being housed in building until New Chelsea School is ready for occupation.

2002 - Bridges program in building at 3101 N. 10th Street. Fairfax Learning Center in building at 3016 N. 9th Street.

2006 - Fairfax Alternative School is now located at the Education Center (high school students) and Fairfax Campus is located at 3016 N. 9th Street (students who have emotional/attitude concerns).


1943-59 - Beulah Kelly / 1959-68 - Alice Barnett / 1968-70 - Wayne Winkler / 1970-81 - Sybil Fisher / 1981-87 - Leslie Brown / 1987-89 - Jacqueline Gering / 1989-93 - Darla Ross Berry / 1993 - Linda Chase

Fairfax 2006 Alternative School Principal: Gloria Johnson / Fairfax Campus 2006 Principal: Rufus Black

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