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Major Hudson - December 2002Major Hudson School

Location:  7th and Shawnee Road (Picture at left taken in Dec 2002)

Other Names:  Melville, Ely, Sauer

Picture Gallery
Bio on Major J K Hudson

Forerunner of the 7th Street Trafficway

A Trail School Located

In 1859, President James Buchanan granted the original land patent (Shawnee Patent Number 2) to Joseph Parks

Major J. K. Hudson led the petition for a road to replace the trail leading through the hills from the Kansas River to Southwest Boulevard.  The road called J. K. Hudson Road started from "Mackajack" (see Mackajack - Maccochaque School for other information) in Shawneetown and Westport Road. Records in the vault at the library go back beyond 1871.  In 1871 John R. Balis transferred the site to the Rural School District 33, located west of what is now 7th Street, fronted by Shawnee Road at Ruby Drive - probably a one-room school house.  Later a bridge was built across Turkey Creek.

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The following are notes compiled by Anna Erickson (principal of Major Hudson School)

"Before the present building, Greystone and Melville districts consolidated.  50 years ago - about which would be around 1890 - there was a brick school called Ely, located near Melville School (Melville now being the Major Hudson Annex).

1913 - Melville came into city school system.

1920 - Plans for elementary site and school to replace Melville and Greystone and form 8-room school in district.

1922:  New school building to be built - 'Major Hudson' opened Mar 14, 1924 - 500 people said to have been there.  Old Melville School building still standing.

7 classrooms, 8 grades, 4 teachers
1st principal:  Mrs. Margaret Jones

Mar 20, 1925 - 1st Fathers' Night program.

September 17, 1926 - Mrs. J. K. Hudson gave a short biography of her husband.  Presented the school with a picture of Major Hudson, and was made honorary member of the P.T.A.

April 23, 1931 - Old grads had homecoming.  About 200 there.

1942 - City Planning Commission:  Much industry around.  Topography rough.  Will never be large.  Need grounds for park."

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Prior to 1922 - See Melville School (old building)

1923-24 - New brick building erected, 8th and Vale. John Gosling and Company, contractors.

1909-1925 - Rose/Peterson, Architects - Much sparer in overall design are ten primary and secondary school constructed to meet the demands of a growing population. The use of materials (brick and terra-cotta), frequent application of Classical detailing, and overall plan (which features a two-story rectangular block, three bays wide), are treated similarly in all of these schools. Differing from late nineteenth and early twentieth century design, these schools were planned to provide more light and circulation for the students and staff: Stanley (1913), Whittier II (1919-20), Chelsea II (1921-23), Roosevelt (1922), McKinley, Louisa M. Alcott, and Mark Twain (1922-1924), Major Hudson (1923-24), and Central III (1924) elementary schools and Turner High School, built in 1916-17. The elementary schools were also designed in such a way that they could, if need be, be built in stages, responding to population increases within their service areas.

1924 - May 14. Major Hudson dedicated.  (Replaced Melville School, but old Melville building still standing)

Had seven classrooms, auditorium and manual training room. Four teachers taught eight grades. Mrs. Margaret Jones, first principal.

Melville used as annex for Major Hudson. Housed Mexican children.

1926 - September 17. Mrs. J. K. Hudson gave school a picture of her husband. Gave short biography of husband. She was made honorary member of PTA.

1931 - April 23. Old grads had reunion.

1940 - Annex abandoned. No longer needed. Board considered sale. Hard to find clear legal description of land. Made inquiry to abstractor. Found records. Able to sell 325 by 200 foot tract on Shawnee.

1951 - Overall history on this school's involvement with the 1951 flood.

At 3:30 a.m., Sunday, July 15, extreme fire hazards in the Southwest Blvd area required new evacuation of residents and the Major Hudson School was opened.  At 4:10 a.m. the Rosedale High School was opened to accommodate those on the south side of the area.  Rosedale High School was closed after about two days of operation.  No feeding was done in the school and the cafeteria was not opened.  Major Hudson later dropped to a census of twenty-two and these people were moved to Prescott and Douglass.

1966 - Four-room addition to house Greystone area pupils from Columbian School.  Schools in KCKs in Years of Change 1962-1986, Dr. Oren L. Plucker, 1986

1983 - School closed. Area added to Frank Rushton and Noble Prentis.

1984 - September 1:  Major Hudson joined Noble Prentis.  Major Hudson was divided into three schools.  Walkers from Greystone to 10th & Shawnee Rd., including side streets off Shawnee Rd. were to go to Noble Prentis.  From Mill Street to Southwest Blvd would go to Frank Rushton.  From Southwest Blvd to 14th & Roe would go to T A Edison.

1985 - Sold to private developers (Bradley Wade Nicholson( ($75,000). Building converted to condominiums. Called Major Hudson Condominiums - address listed as 600 Shawnee Road.


1910 - Alice Porter / 1911 - Mary De Jarnette / 1918 - Ethel Pickett / 1921 - Margaret Jones / 1923-29 - Margaret Jones / 1930-34 - Santa Maria Craig / 1934-60 - Anna Erickson / 1961-73 - Charles Ireland / 1973-76 - Sylbil Fisher / 1976-81 - Loren Pendergraft / 1981-84 - Arthur Newton / School closed at end of 1983-84 school year.

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