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Kansas City Kansas Architecture - A Gift to the Future

Copyright 1988 by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education

Copies of this book with it's beautiful sketches and pictures are available at the Wyandotte County Historical Society & Museum.
631 North 126th St.
Bonner Springs, Kansas 66012

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Included in the book, are pictures and information relative to:

Moses Grinter Residence:  Moses Grinter was sent by the Army to this spot on the Kansas River to establish a ferry in 1831.  This house is actually the third house for Grinter to occupy this site, the first two being rough cabins.  The house completed in 1857 was in the Green Revival style so popular in the decades prior to the Civil War (albeit with Italianate porch columns), and in its L-shaped plan and central portico strongly resembles other Greek Revival farm houses built in the area by transplanted Kentuckians such as John Harris (1855) and John B. Wornall (1858).  The kitchen in the rear wing was originally separated from the main block by an open "dog run" as a precaution against the spread of fire.  (KCK Historic Landmark, State Register, National Register) 

George U.S. Hovey Residence:  (8424 Parallel Parkway - built 1875 - still standing 2005)  One of the oldest remaining houses in western Wyandotte County, this substantial stone structure features a highly unusual gambrel roof, and does not fit easily into any of the popular architectural styles of the period.  The roof would perhaps seem more in place atop a two-story wooden house in the Stick style, but its use on what would otherwise by just one more Kansas stone farm house is surprisingly effective.  Hover operated the general store and post office for the White Church community, in a building to the west across 85th Street that has unfortunately been demolished.  The Hovey house itself remains essentially intact, although the front porch was enclosed.

Washington H. Brown Residence: (12448 Parallel Parkway - built 1904 - standing in 2005)  Washington Henry Brown was a prosperous farmer who also raised race horses, and the home that he built was the finest in Western Wyandotte County.  The two and one-half story Georgian Revival house was of double-walled brick construction with a slate roof.  Originally, decorative finials in the form of urns topped each peak of the roof and its dormers.  On the front was a one-story porch, with brick piers supporting a flat roof with a balustrade.  Unfortunately, the porch was removed in the early 1950s and replaced with a wood-columned veranda in an apparent attempt to make the house more "Colonial" in appearance.  The new porch also obscured the large Palladian window on the second floor that is centered over the entry door.  The quality of the original design makes it almost certain that an architect was employed, although unknown at present.

White Church Memorial Church:  (2200 N. 85th St - built 1904-06 and 1933-34 - next to White Church School and in front of cemetery where Delaware Chiefs are buried)   This is the third church to be built on this site, and is descended from the Delaware Methodist Mission Church of 1832.  The church was literally white, thus the name "White Church."

Maywood Community Church:  (1883 - 11201 Parallel Parkway)   The White Church Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized in the community of White Church on April 19, 1869, and the congregation originally worshipped in the Methodist church there.  In 1883, the congregation built the present building on a half acre of land donated by Charles Tabler some three and one-half miles west of White Church.  The simple white painted, wood frame church that was erected was a vernacular structure little different from the country churches of over 100 years before, and similar to those in early communities across Kansas.  By 1887, the church was being referred to as the Maywood Presbyterian Church.  The church disbanded in the Depression year of 1931, but reopened as a community church on January 2, 1938.  At that time the building was renovated and an addition was made to the west end of the sanctuary.  The basic church still stands after over 105 years of service.

Other items in the book follow.  Please keep in mind that this list is not all inclusive, but only a sample.

Anthony Sauer Residence 1871-72 - 935 Shawnee Rd (KCK Historic Landmark, State Register, National Register)
Fire Station No. 9 1910-11 - 2 S. 14th Street (KCK Historic Landmark, State Register, National Register)
Hanford L. Kerr Residence circa 1886 - 2310 Washington Blvd - Kerr family owned Westheight Manor area, purchasing land directly from the Wyandots (State Register, National Register)
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church 1916 - 557 Lowell Avenue
Mather Hall 1896 - 3301 Parallel Parkway (Kansas City University)
Methodist Episcopal Church South 1887-88 - 1101 N. 7th St. (Historic Landmark) - pro-slavery congregation of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Wyandotte County (Wyandot Indians)
Mrs. John B. Scoggs 1887 - 710 N. 4th St
Scottish Rite Temple 1908-09 - 803 N. 7th St (KCK Historic Landmark, State Register, National Register)
St. Anthony's Church 1889-1906 and 1930 - 615 N. 7th St
Strawberry Hill and Arickjaree Neighborhoods 19th Century workers home - typical of Swedish, Irish and German.  Croatians and other eastern Europeans began moving into area after Panic of 1893.
Union Pacific Railyard Sept 7, 1863 began construction
Wyandotte High School 1934-1937 - 26th & Minnesota Avenue

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Architectural Analysis

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