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William H. Rooney

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William. H. Rooney was the first principal of Riverview School (1882-1904). We hope at a later date to have a bio of Mr. Rooney at this location.

As many of us did in the 1950s and 1960s, it seems that an Autograph book also used in the year of 1882. It was the autograph book of W. H. Rooney. The penmanship is flowery, as was the norm for those days; and it appears that Mr. Rooney was well thought of.

To Wm. Rooney
A merry Christmas from the girls.

A few examples:

These short lines to you
In the year of 1882
May you gay and happy be
In the year of 1883
May you teach us much and more
In the year of 1884.
Nellie E. Burns, Christmas, 1882

Dear Professor: Accept my sincere thanks
For your kind indulgence.
I will promise you my autograph years hence,
For with your tuition, I hope to have more sense.
Either in the pulpit or on the bench.
Robbie T. Foster
Feb 13, 1883

Always kind, indulgent and good
Whether at the head or foot I stood
No teacher to me could dearer be
And, sometimes I beg you will think of me.
Frank A. Derr, March 4, 1883

May happiness be thy lot
May peace thy steps attend
Accept this tribute of respect
From one who is thy friend
Edwin E. St. John, March 13, 1885

When the name that I write here is dim on the page
And the leaves of your album are yellow with age
Then think of me kindly and do not forget
That wherever I am, I remember you yet.
Very truly yours,
Minnie Terry
Armstrong, March 23, 1885

Each human being has a heart and soul
And self is but an atom of the whole
I hold he is best learned and most wise
Who best and most can love and sympathize
Book wisdom makes us vain and self-contained
Our banded minds go round in little grooves
But constant friction with the world removes
These iron foes to freedom and we rise
To grander heights and all untrammeled find
A better atmosphere and clearer skies
And through its broadened realm no longer claimed
Thought travels freely, leaving self behind
Minnie B. Drake, 1898

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