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The Story of Old Glory from GAZETTE
All American flags are known by the name Old Glory, but only one is THE Old Glory. Made in 1824 for Salem, Massachusetts shipmaster Captain William Driver by his mother and her sewing circle, the original Old Glory was flown aboard Driver's ship. Driver is said to have exclaimed, "Old Glory!" when he first witnessed the flag waving from his ship's mast. The name stuck.

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Did you or do you know . . . .

The first, free public school in Kansas was built in 1844 in Wyandotte County?

Washington High School grew out of Welborn School that contained elementary, junior and high school grades in 1929?

Wyandotte High School grew out of the Riverview School, built in 1882, burning in 1934 while located at 9th & Minnesota Avenue?

In 1928, Kansas was the leading junior high school state in the Middle West?  Which school was the first junior high school in Kansas City, Kansas?

Which school was the first junior high west of the Mississippi?

That in the 1920's and 1930's Black families from White Church, Edwardsville and Shawnee Mission, Kansas had to send their students to a junior high in the northeast part of Kansas City, Kansas?

What school had the first open air room in Kansas?

What school housed the first WPA nursery school in Kansas City, Kansas?

The history of  White Church began in the 1830s?

Which of our schools were one-room schoolhouses?

The 9 original schools in the 1886 consolidation?

Which school had a girls' basketball team in the 1920's that only lost one game in three years?

One of our high schools had an underground tunnel connecting it to a building shared with the Kansas City, Kansas Junior College?

That Frank Rushton Elementary School came from the consolidation of Maccochaque School (pronounced "Mack-A-Jack", originally from an Indian tract of land) and Snow School.

One of our former schools is now a condominium?

One of our former schools is now the grounds of a modern homes addition on 7th Street Trafficway and the original foundations stones at the sidewalk are in place?

One of our schools was in an area of the present Kansas City, Kansas that was part of the "underground railroad" during the Civil War era?

Where are schools are located?

Who were the superintendents?

One of our schools had to be closed in 1930 due to water shortage caused by a drought and wagons had to bring the water supply out at night from Kansas City, Kansas?

Who our schools are named for?

Years before the landmark case of Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education, Saturnino Alvarado was instrumental in getting policy changed to allow Mexican-Americans to attend Argentine?

We have online transcriptions relating to the school district, state and county?

Which of our high schools was built by the WPA and is on the National Historic Register?

Pre-fab houses are not a modern invention?  They actually existed in 1857?  Also - see Lincoln School information about pre-fab.

Which high school had its' own ice hockey team?

What sports and school attracted 7,000 spectators in 1939?

That the "first" public utility constructed in Kansas was the Wyandot Ferry, built by the Wyandots at the present site of the Lewis and Clark viaduct in Kansas City, Kansas?  The two ferrymen were Tall Charles and Jimmy Splitlog.

The Wyandots established a cemetery on land in present Kansas City, Kansas?

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