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First Things First the early years

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District Improvement Plan

Priorities for Implementation ...

The red asterisks (*) in the preceding section (Strategies) indicate the District Improvement Planning Committee's recommended top priorities for implementation. These priorities, in order, are as follows:

  1. We will create and implement appropriate alternative programs for students suspended or expelled from school.

  2. We will establish enhanced promotion and graduation standards and assessments to reflect college, world-of-work, and entrepreneurial expectations.

  1. (Tie) We will provide a safe, caring, and orderly environment conducive to learning.

  2. We will create, implement, and coordinate appropriate prevention and intervention programs to meet the needs of all students.

  3. We will collaborate with parents and community programs to develop Early Childhood curriculum, ages 3-8, which infuses the arts as a key teaching tool and that is child focused and developmentally appropriate, according to the guidelines set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

  4. We will develop at least one active business/community partnership in each school.

  5. We will implement results-driven evaluations of Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools' personnel, programs, services, and students and provide these to the staff, Board of Education, parents, students, and the community in an understandable and useful form.

  1. (Tie) We will involve all students and staff in the development, implementation, and monitoring of continuous improvement plans.

  2. We will provide effective technology that supports teaching and learning.

  1. (Tie) We will develop, promote, and support an interdisciplinary curriculum, preK-12, to include integration of the arts, connections among academic disciplines, and academic-vocation integration.

  1. (Tie) We will develop individual improvement plans and appropriate interventions for all students not meeting all grade-level expectations.

  1. (Tie) We will encourage students to be involved in the community.

  1. (Tie) We will provide reliable, relevant, accurate, and accessible information to the Board of Education, staff, School Site Councils, parents, and students for use in decision-making.

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