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"History is about "people."  People make history and record history.  The only true sad thing about history is when it is not recorded and people or an entire group of people are lost."   Loren L. Taylor

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The Mission of the Historians Roundtable of Wyandotte County is:

(1) Furnish a forum for the open exchange of materials, research, and assistance to the active historians of Wyandotte County.

(2) Prepare, and update yearly, a database of publications relative to the history of Wyandotte County and its people. The publication listing will include known information as to Author Name, Title of Works, Publisher, and Date Published. The listing will be published on the Internet.

(3) To encourage people of all age levels to study the history of Wyandotte County and its people.

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Charter Members of the Historian's Roundtable are past recipients of Historian of the Year Award from the Wyandotte County Historical Society, and persons who have been invited to join the Roundtable based on set criteria.  Anyone with questions relative to this should contact Loren Taylor at (913) 321-6195.

The members and their contact information are listed below.  There are 3 simple items to remember in contacting them.

Member Name
Year of Award
Area(s) of Expertise in Wyandotte County
Contact Information
Adams, Patricia (2004)
KCKs Public Schools
e-mail / (913) 279-2146
Gibson, Betty (2002)
Turner area (community, families, schools)
Gregg, Bill
Northwestern Wyandotte County (communities, families, schools)
Hancks, Larry  (1997)
Quindaro, Emigrant Tribes, Historical Landmarks
Jones, Donald K  (2003)
Streets and Avenues of Kansas City, Early Local Newspapers
(913) 788-7345
King, Ed  (2001)
Tuskogee Airmen
e-mail / (913) 788-7635
Kroh, Dorothy  (2000)
Morris area (community, families, schools), Military Trails
e-mail / (913) 722-4241
Miller, Roger
Bonner Springs area history (community, families, schools)
Staab, Rodney  (1996)
Trader/trapper Era, Grinter area, Native Americans
(913) 794-8819
Shutt, Edwin D.  (1998)
Argentine area, Railroads, Civil War
Taylor, Loren L. (1995)
Ethnic & County History, Law Enforcement, Lewis & Clark
(913) 321-6195

Deceased Roundtable Members
J. Paul Jewell  (1999 Historian of the Year)

Honorary Deceased Emeritus Members
Vincent J. Lane (1850s - founder of the Wyandotte County Historical Society)
William G. Cutler (1883)
William Connelley (1899)
Perl W. Morgan (1911)
Alan W. Farley (1954)
Mayor Joseph McDowell (1960)
Nellie McGuinn (1961)
Margaret Landis (1985)
W. William Boone (1986)

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