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Native American Sites on the Internet

"Let's put our minds together and see what life we will make for our children."
Tatanka Iotanka (Sitting Bull)

You will find when reading web pages on the various public schools in Wyandotte County, Kansas, (see the site map at your left for the "Index for Individual School History"that many of our schools were built on former Indian lands - Maccochaque, Stony Point South and White Church are examples.

We hope that this web site will direct you to informational, educational and fun web pages relative to the Native American culture.  It is being done with sincere appreciation of the impact that our Native Americans have had on education in the county of Wyandotte and the State of Kansas.

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"The KANSA:  Cultural Construction and Preservation of Traditional Culture under Acculturation", a doctoral thesis by Dr. Charles L. VanMiddlesworth, 1975, Located at the KCKs Community College Library (7250 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS  66112 - 913-288-7650)

Linda Burton Conley:  In Defense of Huron Place Cemetery

 Life of Tecumseh, and of his brother the prophet: with a historical sketch of the Shawanoe Indians
by Benjamin Drake (1794-1841) - online digital presentation

Wyandotte Co., KS people connected to the Wyandot Tribe

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Association Agondachia
Welcome to the original land of the Wyandot people
Quendat - Wendat - Wyandot 

The Wyandot people were our Wyandotte County Pioneers.  We need to say "Thank You" for the contribution of numerous Wyandot members (Armstrong, Barnett, Conley, Mudeater, Splitlog, Walker - to mention only a few) to the history and progressive development of Wyandotte County, Kansas.

Wendat is the name of a confederacy living southern Ontario, from Detroit to almost Quebec. The word wendat means " Islander ". The english pronunciation of the word "wendat " is " wyandot " or " wyandotte". The french called the Wendat : " Huron ". The meaning of the word wendat changed for " people " or " villager " after 1798. The Huron living in Quebec called theirself also " Wendat " or " agwawendarahk ", which does mean "we are the people which live of a floating land ".  From the Pronunciation Section of the Association Agondachia web site.

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Agreement between the Delawares and Wyandots
14 Dec 1843

American Indian Studies and Related Issues
The American Indian Studies Program at California State University, Long Beach celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1994 and is the oldest continuous existing program.

Constitution of the Iroquois Nation

Delaware Indians

The Delaware Indians in Kansas
1829-1867, Alan W. Farley, 1955

Encyclopedia of North American Indians

History of the Huron/Quendat People

(Quendat, Wyandot)

Indian Affairs:  Laws and Treaties Online

Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940

Indian Country
The Nation's Leading American Indian News Source

Kansas Native American Genealogy

Map of Native American Tribes

Munsees of Kansas

National Indian Law Library
(Tribal Documents)

 Native American Food and Recipes
Recipes by Type of Dish are broken down into three categories:
1. [Bold Font] All Indigenous Ingredients & Preparation
2. [Normal Font] Traditional Recipes with Contemporary Ingredients
3. [Italics Font] Today's Native Dishes
"The name DELAWARE was given to the people who lived along the Delaware River, and the river in turn was named after Lord de la Warr, the governor of the Jamestown colony. The name Delaware later came to be applied to almost all Lenape people. In our language, which belongs to the Algonquian language family, we call ourselves LENAPE (len-NAH-pay) which means something like "The People."  - You might want to check some of the recipes for the food/recipes link that has the word Lenape beside them. Similar food preparation may have taken place in the Wyandotte County, KS area.

  Native Americans - Web Site for grade schoolers at the University of Arizona

   Native American Links for Kids and Homework Help
from the Highland Park Public Library (including Parents and Teacher's Links)

Native American Genealogy

Native American Resources
Cyndi's List

Native Web
Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the Web

Ohio History Central - Shawnee Indians

Ohio History Central - Wyandot Indians

"Let's put our minds together and see what life we will make for our children."
Tatanka Iotanka (Sitting Bull)

Shawnee Indians

WWW Virtual Library - Index of Native American Links on the Internet

Wyandot Nation of Kansas

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