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Frank Rushton Elementary School

Frank Rushton Elementary  - 2002Frank Rushton Homepage

This building was built as Snow School in 1956. When pupils were transferred from Maccochaque in 1956, Snow School was renamed the Frank Rushton School. (Margaret Landis)

The Winding Valley and The Craggy Hillside
A History of the City of Rosedale, Kansas by Margaret Landis.
Copyright 1976. Reproduced on the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library
web site.


Location: 2605 W. 43rd Avenue (Rosedale)

Other Names: Snow; also see Maccochaque

Named for Frank Rushton (long-time community and Board of Education member over 20 years)

Previous to 1958, Frank Rushton was known as "Snow School" (with the original Snow School having been located at 2901 Seneca). On June 4, 1958, the Maccochaque School closed and the students were assigned to Snow School. In 1959, PTA groups of Snow and Maccochaque held a Founders' Day meeting as individual schools and in an elaborate skit entitled, "Marriage of Miss Maccochaque to Mr. Snow", the two schools merged under one "married name" - Frank Rushton. PTA members were the bride and groom. Miss Hazel Meeks, former Maccochaque Principal, was the bride's mother. Miss Elizabeth Chittenden was the groom's mother.

Frank Rushton was a prominent Rosedale man and had been Rosedale board president 1916-1922.

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Before 1958 - Known as Snow School . Named after Francis Huntington Snow, Chancellor of the University of Kansas . See the web page for Snow for additional information.

1958 - June 4: Maccochaque School closed. Children to attend Snow. No new name designated as yet for school. See the web page for Maccochaque for additional information.

1959 - February 5: PTA groups of Snow and Maccochaque held last Founders' Day Meeting as individual schools. In an elaborate skit entitled, "Marriage of Mr. Snow to Miss Maccochaque," the two schools merged under one "married name," "Frank Rushton".

PTA members were bride and groom. Miss Hazel Meeks, former Maccochaque Principal, was bride's mother. Miss Elizabeth Chittenden, Snow Principal, was groom's mother.

The school was named after Frank Rushton, a prominent Rosedale man (his father and he owned a bakery). He had been on Rosedale Board 1916-22, and on the KCKs BOE for 27 years as President following that. He died April 15, 1957.

bef 1962 - Razed old Snow Elementary Building . "Schools in KCKs in Years of Change, 1964-86," by O. L. Plucker, Superintendent Emeritus, June, 1987

1984 - September 1:  Major Hudson was divided into three schools.  Walkers from Greystone to 10th & Shawnee Rd., including side streets off Shawnee Rd. were to go to Noble Prentis.  From Mill Street to Southwest Blvd would go to Frank Rushton.  From Southwest Blvd to 14th & Roe would go to T A Edison.

2001 - Voters approved a proposed $120 million bond issue at the Municipal Election Tuesday (April 3, 2001) to air-condition schools, improve technology, and make other upgrades to schools and public libraries. Frank Rushton was part of Phase I, which was completed in the summer of 2001.

2004 - Received a "Great IDEAS" grant (funded/sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Fund) for the 2004-05 school year, which encourages teachers in SLC's (Small Learning Communities) to work together to develop innovative programs and projects to improve student learning.  Received $1,250.


1958-67 - Elizabeth Crittenden (Snow Principal) / 1967-72 - Alice Barnett /1972-74 - Harold Frye / 1974-78 - Frank Scott / 1978-91 - Betty Burgess / 1991-98 - Brenda Boyd / The principal from 1998 through the present is Ms. Mary Welsh.

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