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Buses - early 1950s - possibly at Vance SchoolA District-maintained bus service (such as the school bus service we know in 2004) was not provided prior to the annexing of the Washington District in 1967.  The picture at the left appears to be perhaps 1940s-1950s vintage and we assume that it is from the Washington-Vance school area.

"The elementary schools, with grades one through six which were attended totally by Black students, were considered to be the "feeder" schools for Northeast Junior High School (built 1923) and Sumner High School.  In addition to those feeder schools, Black families from White Church, Edwardsville and Shawnee Mission, Kansas had to send their children to Northeast Junior High School.  A large number of children who attended Northeast Junior High School had to ride to school each day.  The McCallop buses would arrive at the school each morning loaded with children.  The buses would arrive approximately twenty minutes before the beginning of school.  At the close of each day, the fleet of buses would return to take the "bus riders" back to their homes.  Then, there was another group of students who lived beyond walking distance to school.  Each day these children were given two "street car" tokens for the purpose of riding home on the public service street car or on the public service bus.  The "street car" riders were mainly those students who lived in the western part of the city.  Transportation for these two groups was discontinued in the late 1950's."  (From:  A History of Black Education in Kansas City, Kansas, Readin', 'Riting, 'Rithmetic by William W. Boone, March 1986)

With the Washington District being a rural one, buses were in service in the 1940's. The Kansas City Star carried a picture in 1947 of the inaugural bus run for Washington High School, with Principal Claude Huyck the driver.

1950's:  Students (in the city) rode the city bus, Benskin buses, or had private transportation of some form to reach their schools.  Tokens could be purchased for students riding the city buses.  The cost of going from 923 Ann Avenue to Central Junior High at 10th & Ivandale was 15 cents.  (Mrs. Sandy Dunn Reid, former Central Junior High student.)

Transportation - 20031967: Land purchased at 59th and Parallel for a new high school, the vocation technical school and the transportation center (33.3 acres)

1970: New offices and maintenance building and bus parking for school district transportation system.

1979: Addition of maintenance bay, parts storage, bus parking to provide for additional desegregation and special education needs.

2004:  Jun 12 - Kansan news article:  A reduction in transportation for high school students  was unanimously approved by KCK Board of Education in an attempt to chop $8 million from its 2004/05 budget.  It is the 11th consecutive year the school district has reduced its budget.  The reduction with the most immediate impact is the high school students who live 2.4 miles or more from their school will be transported by the school district.  The policy is in line with state regulations for student transportation.  Entrance to Transportation Buildings/BusesPreviously the school district allowed students to ride the bus if they lived within a 1.5 mile radius of their school.Transportation - 2003







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