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W. A. White Elementary School

W A White Elementary School - 2003

KCK Schools Wearing Uniforms

What's the Matter with Kansas?
by William Allen White

William Allen White and the Klu Klux Klan in Kansas

William Allen White's 1924 Gubernatorial Campaign
with bibliography

William Allen White and his fight against the Klu Klux Klan
by Robert W. Richmond, "Kansas, A Land of Contrasts"

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Location:  2600 N. 43 Terrace

Other Name:  Old building was West Elementary

Named for W. A. White (Check out the links above for the colorful history)

In 1953, 20 acres were purchased for the site at 43rd and Georgia, with West Junior High being erected in 1956 with 26 rooms. West Elementary School (now named William Allen White Elementary School) was included in the plans and built physically next door to West Junior High.

In November of 1958, a contract for a new elementary school at 44th and Georgia awarded to Bob Eldridge Construction Company.  Meyn and Deardorf, architects.  Paoli E. C. Masaglia and Associates, mechanical engineers.

The site was located on 16-acre tract for West Junior High and the contractor was to have 400 days to build, returning $100 for each day over contract.  The building was to have eleven classrooms, two kindergartens, library, and office.  Part of the building to be built on piers covering a paved area.  There would be space for six rooms later.  The new building opened in 1960 and was named in honor of William Allen White, Emporia newspaper editor, KS gubernatorial candidate, and a man in the front line against the Klu Klux Klan in Kansas in the 1920s.  In October of 1960, the PTA was organized and Mrs. Peter Carr was president. An open house was held on November 15.

In 2001, voters approved a proposed $120 million bond issue at the Municipal Election Tuesday (April 3, 2001) to air-condition schools, improve technology, and make other upgrades to schools and public libraries. W A White was part of Phase I, which was completed in the summer of 2001.


1956-59 - Lawson Roberts served as principal of West Jr. and West Elementary. School called William Allen White when separate building built; 1959-64 - Dorothy Walker / 1964-75 - Mildred Hawkins / 1975-77 - Lillie May Budimlija / 1977-81 - Fred W Vaughan / 1981-86 - Carl Snyder / 1986-87 - Ben Harding / 1987-90 - Beverly Hodges / 1996-99 - Doris Moore / 1999-2001 - Nancy Colley / 2001-2004 - Ms. Linda Daniel / 2004-2006 - Mike Jones / 2007 - Alexis Etier

W A White School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Kansas

W A White's Children's Book Award

William Allen White Organization

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