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"The Wyandot Indians, 1843-1876"

This represents a copy of the manuscript as it was presented, including terminology used at the time of the writing.  All attempts have been made to reproduce the spelling, capitalization and layout of the original book as much as possible.  In some cases, "annotations" or "Internet links" have been provided to the original works by the transcriber of the manuscript.

Copyright / Disclaimer

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"The Wyandot Indians, 1843-1876"
by Robert Emmett Smith, Jr.

Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate College of the Oklahoma State University by Robert Emmett Smith, Jr. in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, May, 1973. The thesis is presented from the original by chapters in Adobe PDF format.

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Preface and Table of Contents

Chapter I - The First Years, 1535-1745

Chapter II - The Wyandots in Ohio, 1745-1843      

Chapter III - The Establishment of the Wyandot Tribe in Kansas, 1843-1850 

Chapter IV - Politics and Turmoil, 1850-1855

Chapter V - The Disintegration of the Wyandot Tribe, 1855-1861

Chapter VI - The Civil War and the Final Removel of the Wyandots from Kansas, 1861-1867

Chapter VII - The Wyandot Tribe in Indian Territory, 1867-1876

Chapter VIII - The Last Years, 1876-1973


Smith Vitae

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Disclaimer:  The written historical perspectives online at this web site, and web sites to which links are provided, reflect the view of the author(s)/(creator(s) which are protected under the rights of free speech; and do "not" necessarily reflect the views of the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education.

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