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Whitmore School Queries

The query(ies) below are from those who have questions related to the school building.

All queries are posted by the webmaster of this history site.  Your response may be e-mailed directly to the person at their e-mail address listed in the query.

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From Don Gilbert
16101 N. El Mirage Rd. #1
El Mirage, AZ 85335

I am looking for information concerning Whitmore School.  I know it is no longer in existence, however I don't know when it was demolished.  I am in the process of writing a book for my children and grandchildren and this would be very interesting to include.

I have found it quite interesting that 4 generations of our family have gone thru or attended the school from the very first day it opened it's door.  My Great Grandparents, John Harrison Johnson and Daisy Henrietta Conner, were among the pupils that entered Whitmore on the day it opened.  My Grandmother, Frances Margaret Johnson attended as did some of her brothers and sisters, but I'm not sure which ones (about 1910-1920).  My mother Margaret Frances Olson may have attended, probably sometime about 1931-1938.  My aunts, Alice Jeanette Olson (about 1947-1950) and Phyllis Darlene Olson (1953-59) also attended.  I attended Whitmore 1949-50 and attended Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  Mrs. Roberts was my Kindergarten teacher.

I would appreciate any information concerning the history of Whitmore School that you can provide, specifically when the school opened; when it was no longer used as a school; and when it was demolished.  What is the property used for today:

From the History webmaster:  Whitmore School web page is located at http://www.kckps.org/disthistory/closedbuildings/whitmore.html

Since Whitmore no longer exists, it is (of course) not possible to contact the school about enrollment.  Please feel free to contact the office of Pupil Services of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools (913) 551-3200.  They have records going back prior to 1900 on the closed schools.

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