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Secretary Paige reads with a student at Kit Carson Elementary SchoolNo Child Left Behind

Federal Legislation - January 8, 2002

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The State Board of Education is a constitutional body as set forth in Article 6 of the Constitution of the State of Kansas. This article was the result of an amendment adopted November 8, 1966, which transferred the educational responsibilities formerly exercised by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to the State Board of Education, effective January 14, 1969. The Constitution states that the State Board of Education "shall have general supervision of public schools, educational institutions and all the educational interests of the state, except educational functions delegated by law to the State Board of Regents. The State Board of Education shall perform such other duties as may be provided by law." These duties are outlined in K.S.A. 72-7513 and K.S.A. 72-7514.

The Board consists of 10 members elected by the people at the same time that other primary and general elections of state officers are held. The regular term of office is four years and there is no limitation as to the number of terms they may serve. Each Board Member is elected from a particular district comprising four of the 40 senatorial districts of the state. Any citizen is eligible to serve on the State Board except that "no state, school district or community college officer or employee shall be a member of the State Board of Education" (K.S.A. 25-1904).

The Board has the authority to select and appoint a Commissioner of Education who serves as the Board's chief administrative officer. Also, the Board confirms the appointment of assistant commissioners, team leaders and team coordinators upon the Commissioner's recommendation.

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Compulsory School Attendance

School Finance

Guidance and Counseling Services6

Kansas State Reading Circle and the School Library Law

Lunch Program

WPA begins hot lunch program
New Deal Photo Library

School Organization and Reorganization

School District Consolidation

School Districts - July 1, 2002

Explanation of School District Number Problem

School Boards after Closing of the Country Schools

Teacher Certification

Teacher Retirement

Title I and II


Uniforms in Schools

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Online Transcriptions

Kansas Education Progress 1858-1967, Adel F. Throckmorton, June 1967
Prepared for W. C. Kamphchroeder, State Superintendent of Instruction
Published by the State Department of Public Instruction, Topeka, Kansas, June 1967

History of the State of Kansas by William G. Cutler, first published in 1883 by A. T. Andreas, Chicago, IL

Resource Materials

Territorial Days in Kansas - Resources on Schools, People, Places, Organizations, Town, Counties, etc.


"HOMELAND SCHOOLS", Cabins to Complexes, Compiled by Republic County Retired Teachers Association, Copyright 1976   (Copy available at the Republic County Historical Society and Museum; Belleville, KS)

Kansas, A Land of Contrasts, Robert W. Richmond, 4th Edition, ISBN 0-88295-949-2
(A copy of this book is located at the KC.Ks Public Library at 625 Minnesota)

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