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Published by the State Department of Public Instruction 
120 East Tenth, Topeka, Kansas 66612
Copyright June, 1967

We are sincerely grateful to the Kansas State Department of Education for giving us permission to transcribe and provide online the history found in this publication.

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There is strong evidence that educational progress in Kansas has not been adequately treated in any formal publication issued by the state superintendent of public instruction.  There are certain regulatory, supervisory, consultative, and leadership functions which relate to the office of state superintendent of public instruction.  These are prescribed by the state constitution and statutory authority along with powers granted through the development of rules and regulations.  There is obviously a need for a treatise dealing especially with these functions.

Then, too, clarification of the role and relationships of the state superintendent with the state board of education and the state board of vocational education is needed prior to the implementation of Amendment No. 3 which amends the original Article VI of the State Constitution.  The 1968 Session of the state legislature will provide the necessary legislation to make the amendment operative not later than January 14, 1969.

It is fitting that an overview of the official state agency for education be accomplished at this particular time.  Without question, the person best qualified to prepare such a treatise is Mr. Adel F. Throckmorton, who served seventeen years plus eight months as state superintendent of public instruction.  He was approached, and he accepted the responsibility to do the necessary research for and the writing of the manuscript.  The publication of Kansas Educational Progress will add much to the history of education in this state.

W. C. Kampschroeder
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Table of Contents
Education in Kansas
The State Agency for Education
The Middle Period
New Educational Developments
The State Department of Public Instruction

Part I - Educational Progress:  A New State Agency for Education, Improved Department Status, The State Department of Administration, The State Superintendent in 1967, The Educational Secretary, Looking Ahead, Internal Organization of the Department

Part II - The Division of Instructional Services:  Textbook Adoptions, The Curriculum Section, Special Education, Guidance and Counseling Services, Titles I and II of Public Law 89-10

Part III - The Division of Administrative Services:  School Finance, School Facilities Services, School Lunch Program, Statistical Services and School Finance, Civil Defense Adult Education, School District Unification

Part IV - Division of Certification and Accreditation:  Teacher Certification, Elementary and Secondary School Accreditation, Driver Education, Kansas Junior Colleges, State Scholarships, Adult Education

William Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, published by Andreas, 1883
Chapter:  Schools of Kansas

History of Wyandotte County Kansas and its people ed. and comp. by Perl W. Morgan. Chicago, The Lewis publishing company, 1911
Chapter: Educational Interests

History of the Kansas City, KS Public Schools by Nellie McGuinn, 1961

Kansas School Districts - July 1, 2002

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