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    Family Advocate System (FAS)
    Parent Zone

    How Can a Parent Become an Effective Advocate?

    What is an Advocate?

    An advocate is one who pleads another's cause in support of something. A parent can be their child's best advocate. When advocating for your child, consider using this three-step approach.

    What are the Steps to Effective Advocacy?
    Step One:

    Approach the right person in as professional a manner as possible.

    Ask these questions;

    Step Two:

    Clearly identify what you need.

    Ask these questions;

    Step Three:

    Have an idea of some options or be prepared to discuss options that can help those involved come to a mutually agreeable resolution.

    Ask these questions;

    What Does an Effective Advocate Know?
    When should I advocate for my child?
    How do I know when I need support from the Family Advocate Department?

    If you would like to know more about Kansas City Kansas Public School's Family Advocate System, call 913-627-4389.

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