Board of Education Highlights for Saturday, February 23

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Board of Education held a special board meeting on Saturday, Feb. 23, to determine budget priorities for the 2019-20 fiscal year. The members of the board recorded their suggested priorities on a flip chart as illustrated by the pictures below. Those priorities will help in determining departmental goals for the upcoming school year.

Board Meeting 2-23-19

Board Meeting 2-23-19

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Board of Education Highlights for Tuesday, February 12

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Board of Education held a board meeting at T.A. Edison Elementary School. The school was built in 1954 and has a diverse population. The student body is made up of 70 percent Hispanic, 15 percent African-American and 14 percent Caucasian. The board members and staff had an opportunity to visit classrooms, speak with students and view the newly renovated library during their visit to the school. Enjoy the photo below.

Board Meeting

Besides learning about the school and academic goals, the board members heard a presentation about recruitment efforts for the district.

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Board of Education Highlights for Saturday, January 26 

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Board of Education held a special board meeting on Saturday to address the following: 

      • The Board conducted Listening Tour sessions last year to engage the community. The board spoke with staff about the feedback received at those events. Those comments ranged from security at schools, special education, curriculum and student behavioral health. To hear those comments from staff, please listen to the meeting.
      • There was a presentation on a pilot Restorative Education Program for students with long-term suspension or expulsion. This will help students integrate back into their home school. The one-year pilot description is as follows:
        • Location: Fairfax Learning Center Alternative High School
        • Number of students: 25 high school students recommended for long-term suspension
        • Length of pilot: 45-day mandatory placement
        • Length of school day: Full day of school
          • The day will include restorative justice curriculum § continued support for students when they return to their home schools. That support will come in form of morning routines and talking circles.


Reintegration plan and process and continued support are necessary for the success of these programs.


      • Budget present regarding the process the district will use to establish the 2019-20 school year budget.
        • KCKPS Board of Education establishes the budget priorities
          • This will help to determine where dollars should be spent
        • Modified Zero-Based Budget meetings
        • Finalize the budget proposals with schools/departments
        • Cabinet staff approval of budget
        • Budget work sessions with the Board of Education
        • Board approves publication of approved budget
        • Submit budget to the county clerk and the Kansas State Department of Education

To see the board meeting in its entirety, click here.


Board of Education Highlights for Tuesday, January 29

 The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Board of Education held a meeting on January 29. During the meeting, Dr. Foust expressed gratitude for the work of Dr. Jayson Strickland, who accepted a new position with another organization.

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Board of Education Highlights for Tuesday, January 8

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Board of Education was honored as a part of School Board Recognition Month during the first board meeting of the year. A proclamation was read and each board member received a certificate of appreciation and a school district lapel pin.

District Focusing on Student Behavioral Health

The meeting also included an update on the work of the district’s Behavioral Health Social Work Program. This program is focused on identifying and supporting the mental health needs of the school district’s students. This is a very important component for the success of student learning.

To help with this work, the district has social workers in 44 schools. As of January 1, there have been 1,420 students referred for a behavioral health screening by a teacher, administrator or other staff within a building. Of those referrals, students screened high for the following areas of concern:

  • 728 – social
  • 737 – academic
  • 981 – emotional

Other reasons for referral:

  • trauma
  • basic needs unmet
  • recent loss of parent (death, divorce, incarceration, deportation)
  • foster care

Additionally, the district’s crisis team, made up of counselors and social workers, participated in approximately 980 hours for incidents that have happened this school year.

The district’s behavioral health teams, which are counselors and social workers, meet frequently for case consultation, targeted learning and professional development.

All of this work is part of the school district’s overall focus on trauma sensitive care.

To learn more about this work, contact Lisa Garcia-Stewart, director of the Student Services Department or Angela Dunn, behavioral health coordinator for the school district.   

Other items approved by the board:

  • The board approved the lease of property at 1413 Osage Avenue for the temporary storage of shop equipment that was housed on 18th Street in the Hut Complex. This is a month-to-month lease for $2,000 per month. The property is 5,000 square feet and would allow the equipment to be stored inside the building.
  • Approved the February 12 meeting location change to T.A. Edison Elementary School. The meeting location was changed from John Fiske Elementary due to extensive construction at the school.
  • Accepted first read on the proposed 2019-20 District Calendar.

To see the board meeting in its entirety, click here.