School Clusters

Harmon High School

Argentine Middle School Rosedale Middle School
Emerson Frank Rushton
Frances Willard Grant
New Stanley John Fiske
Noble Prentis T. A. Edison
Silver City  

Schlagle High School

Coronado Middle School West Middle School
Eugene Ware Parker
Hazel Grove W. A. White

Washington High School

Arrowhead Middle School Eisenhower Middle School
Claude Huyck Bethel
Stony Point North John F. Kennedy
Stony Point South Welborn
  White Church

Wyandotte High School

Central Middle School Northwest Middle School
Mark Twain Banneker Science
McKinley B. Caruthers
M. E. Pearson Douglass
Whittier New Chelsea

Alternative Schools

500 Reach Juvenile Detention Center (JDC)
Bridges KVC Academy
Fairfax Learning Center (FLC) Wyandot Academy


District Coaches of Implementation:

Stacia Bradley Brown
- Elementary
Dr. Mary Viveros
- Secondary

Note: Sumner Academy is a High School with grades 8 - 12 with students selected by application and academic qualification.


Dr. Megan Cook, Early Childhood Director, 913-627-4806

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