Congratulations to the March 2018 Employees of the Month

March 2018 Employees of the Month

Three outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for March. Congratulations to Brenda Chabot, teacher at Silver City Elementary, Kimberly Hunter, bus driver for KCKPS and Angela Wright, principal at W.A. White Elementary. 

Angela Wright

"Mrs. Angela Wright has served as an educator for 27 years....Mrs. Wright has been very instrumental in the success of the staff at W. A. White. She is a leader that finds the best qualities in a person and develops the areas that need improvement. Mrs. Wright is dedicated to all of her students and staff, she accepts nothing but the best, encourages high expectations and embodies true leadership....Mrs. Wright is thoughtful, selfless, encouraging, impactful and the epitome of a leader."
Jimmika Lawson and Andrea Walker, W.A. White Elementary School

Brenda Chabot

"Mrs. Brenda Chabot has been an employee of the KCKPS since 1995. For the vast majority of her years, she has been at Silver City Elementary. Brenda is an outstanding teacher who makes a difference in the lives of those around her on a daily basis .... Brenda exemplifies our mission by inspiring excellence every day."
Deanne Letourneau, Principal, Silver City Elementary School

Kimberly Hunter

"Mrs. Hunter drives bus #409 and has a most professional attitude. She doesn't try to shy away from hard work and has the willing attitude to take on any and all challenges with this position . .. . Kim is an outstanding driver that communicates with her substitute bus aides and has an outstanding eagerness to assist with wheelchairs and safety vests.
Karla Wilson, Bus Aide, Transportation