Fairfax Learning Center Receives Top Honor for Conflict Resolution Skills

May 7, 2018


Contact: Melissa Fears, Director of Communications and Marketing, 913-279-2225

Fairfax Award

Congratulations to the students and staff of Fairfax Learning Center (FLC) on receiving the Scholastic Award from the Heartland Mediators Association. Each year, Heartland Mediators Association seeks nominations from Kansas and Missouri schools to receive the award. The nominees are schools in grades kindergarten through grade 12 that implement and utilize conflict resolution skills or have active peer mediation programs.

Fairfax Award

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, Fairfax Learning Center Principal David Richard implemented restorative justice practices at the school. The school’s Restorative Justice Coordinator  Mindy Manes was hired this year to more fully implement the tenants of school-based restorative justice. Every class participates in a restorative circle at least once a week. Students who have disagreements with other students or staff go through a restorative justice process which provides an opportunity to discuss the harm experienced and to "make things right."  Students learn effective ways to address unresolved, destructive conflict. According to Principal Richard, academic productivity has significantly increased as a result of the restorative environment in the school.

Fairfax Award

Congratulations to the students and staff for this innovative conflict resolution approach.

For more information about this transformative approach to student achievement and student environment, contact Fairfax Learning Center Principal David Richard at 913.627.6700.